Introducing New Functionality and Mobile Capabilities in Hospitality

Unlike traditional property management systems that are costly and complicated, Frontline is fuss-free, cost-effective and enhance the overall guest experience as well as drive more revenue.

Easy to access


Audit Trail

Dynamic Rate


Front Office

With Frontline, Front office tasks will be far more efficient. Frontline simplifies reservation management, walk-in registration, and dashboard for expected arrival and departure, available rooms, occupancy rate, and many other features.

Profile and History

To improve customer relation and satisfaction, Frontline provides guest profile and history detail with many interaction and other information.

Revenue Management

Frontline will analyze your hotel history, and will suggest how to optimize the room rate to increase overall profit.

E-tax Integration

Frontline is ready to be integrated with e-tax from each local government. This feature will be optional.

and More Features

Just connect to Internet, and every feature in Frontline can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


The main excellence of Frontline - an informative dashboard contains summary information about hotel performance and room revenue.

Click & Drag Calendar

Booking Calendar layout is very simple and easy to use. Just drag and drop to book a room and do other settings.


Frontline accelerates housekeeping’s action to keep the rooms stay clean and ready to be used by the next guests.

POS Systems

Frontline integrated POS (Point of Sale) system is available to handle your additional business.

Full Reports

Frontline has plenty reports to support your business, including General Ledger (GL) and Account Receivable (AR).

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